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hello! I'm just another piece of trash in the bangtan landfill ಥ⌣ಥ
located in the hoseok, yoongi, and jungkook sections

A: 1. Like I tell everyone, years of experience and perseverance. I didn't get this way over night. And 2. As much as i would love to help, I'm no teacher. While I'm honored to be thought of so highly, being called "senpai" makes me slightly uncomfortable as I don't feel I'm worthy of such a high title ^ ^; Just call me chicken, im rlly casual like that~ plus i live in america, not japan so its kinda wierd hehe

Q: Are you Korean and do you speak Korean?
A: No, I'm not Asian what-so-ever. I would say my Korean is pretty mediocre compared to other people but I try. ; w ;

Q: Can you draw _______?
A: I don't take requests unless you're a friend and it's your bday or smthg, then I might.

Q: Are you on _______?
A: I'm pretty much on everything at this point. If you're not sure if it's me or not, just ask.


I wouldn't say I'm an avid user but I still like to share my art here~
I'm more active on paigeeworld so check me out there for more recent works.
:iconducks2plz: :iconducks2plz:

Thanks for visiting my page! ♡



041116 Jungkook by chickenisntmystyle
041116 Jungkook
Hi!! It's been a while im sorry ;____;
It's been raining and so cold here, I'm missing green and warmth and ANYTHING THAT'S ALIVE OMG. And now that it's spring, the cold will finally go away and I can go outside~ I wanted to draw something light and spring-ey and I also needed/wanted to draw Jungkook. He's one of my favorites and such a cutie! Idk why I don't draw him very often;; BUT I DID SO HAH--
I really like how this came out! I had a struggle with his shirt bUT I PULLED THROUGH AND I THINK THAT'S THE BEST HAND IVE EVER DRAWN. IT AINT HIS BUT IT WORKS X''D

I could have rendered the sakura blossoms a bit more but I was strapped for time so that was out OTL

You can purchase a print of this here~

And I made a speedpaint too!

art © chickenisntmystyle
Do not steal, re-upload, edit, or claim as your own! Thank you!!
010316 suga day by chickenisntmystyle
010316 suga day
Posting early bday art for yoongi !!
I'm very uncertain of the background. I feel like it's a little too girly but I can't think of anything else XD I suck at bgs-- ugh
I rlly just want to leave it blank but since it's gotta be a certain size I didn't want it to be too plain heh

LOOK AT THE "CUPCAKE" THO. Its mini suga monster! ㅠㅠ omg i love it, so tiny and cute <3
let me know if my message is too long ><

생일 죽하해요 슈가!!! 항상 행복하시기 바랍니다.
완벽 그자체예요. 자신을 사랑해봐, 알겠어요? ;)
한국어를 잘 못 해서 죄송해요. ㅎㅎ ^^;

I hope you're doing well and staying happy.
You're perfect no matter what and inspirational to a lot of people. And so sassy too! I love it! Keep being you, okay?
180216 Your Hope [speedpaint] by chickenisntmystyle
180216 Your Hope [speedpaint]

Sometimes my art has deeper meanings, sometimes it doesn’t. And when it does, rather than explaining it I like to leave it up to the viewer to interpret their own meaning. I find it more interesting to see how they feel or what they see. But with this I’d like to explain my thoughts while drawing this, even if it isn't much. //just letting ya know, prepare to hop on the cheese train cuz its gonna get real gooey AND LONG OOPS ;;


Recently, I’ve realized the hate surrounding BTS and J-hope. I’m not sure if it’s old news or not as I tend to stay away from the drama side of kpop. But just knowing that there are others out there who want to hurt these wonderful and passionate people merely because they may not be perfect; it baffling.

Having this in the back of my mind, I watched an episode of American Hustle Life (something I have yet to finish) and J-Hope began talking to Jin about his struggles at the beginning of his career; addressing one of the things people disliked him for. His inexperience with rapping. He seems to be a little hard on himself when he brings it up and I can tell he doesn't like disappointing people. So being told you're no good and you don't belong, it must have been painful. It blows my mind to think someone can judge another for something they may be inexperienced with at the time. That’s like telling the 10-year-old me I suck at drawing and I should just quit now. Thinking about it, not being where I am and doing what I’m doing, it could have very well been a path for me. And it could have been a path for him too. But despite what people said, he was given a chance; he gave himself that chance. And by believing in his self-worth and wanting it hard enough, he got it. I couldn’t be any happier for him.

And these thoughts don’t just go for BTS. No one should be judged for what they look like, what skills they may or may not possess, or for what other people say about them but by the quality of their character and how they make YOU feel.

All of this in mind -the hardships, negativity, moments of overcoming- I created this. It looks simple but it's quite meaningful.

Love always comes to those who need it. It’s always there.

And when you need it, love will come.

Some from close by, others from afar, in spirit.

Your hope...
               we will be there.

You are never alone.


Again, lots of cheesiness… but who doesn’t like cheese?? :’)

I was hoping by writing this, some of you might be able to relate as I think this goes for everyone -Being judged, feelings of unworthiness or disappointment- But let this be a reminder that even in today’s world, when you're in a dark place, there are people who are full of love and want to share it with you.
you just gotta reach out and let us perch on your hand haha!

I wanted to do something a bit heartfelt and genuine for J-Hopes birthday since he’s a genuine guy and deserves all the love. So Happy Birthday to our hope!! 
It would mean the world if he could see this one day. But it’s just good enough for me to have been able to make this and share it with you guys. <3 You are all my butterflies! ㅠㅠ I’ve been fighting back tears this whole time UGH so emotional chicken stop it.

Not only is this a nice piece but it also makes a beautiful wallpaper too! ;D my gift to you guys~


art © chickenisntmystyle
Do not steal, re-upload, edit, or claim as your own! Thank you!!

Jhope Plushie Pillow Tutorial by chickenisntmystyle
Jhope Plushie Pillow Tutorial
I know it looks really intimidating but it's pretty simple as long as you know basic stitch and cutting.
There's around 5-6 steps; Im just not very good at explaining and i made it look waaay longer than what it actually is ;_;

You're probably going to want to download it to see the full resolution.

I hope it all makes sense!
I helped my friend out with making one and it took her 7+ hours of suffering. So if you want to do this, set aside some time and prepare yourself for back pain and finger poking X'0 unless you have a sewing machine and a thimble, then i guess that solves that problem...

If it ever came down to it, I would probably take custom order slots of these (and the other hmm's once i get to designing them)! I'm unsure about the price or if enough people would be interested. But until then I'll keep working on my sewing skills.

design & tutorial © chickenisntmystyle

Do not steal, re-upload, edit, or claim as your own! Thank you!!

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